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Creative Yard Step Repair

A client who is selling his property was faced with making necessary repairs before putting the property on the market. Many homeowners who are moving will have lots of expenses and wish to keep the repair budget for their existing home to a minimum. Our client was looking for an affordable solution that would make the steps safe and add curb appeal to the home. He also had limited time in which to complete the repairs. A total replacement was not an option due to the cost and the time required for a large scale job.  

The old railroad ties were unsightly and in poor condition. The concrete portion of the steps was still serviceable and intact. We decided to keep the concrete but remove all of the old railroad ties. Removing the wood ties left unfinished areas of the concrete exposed along the sides and missing portions between the steps. There was also a retaining wall and steps that were made from the ties that would also need replaced

The repair method for the steps included formed and poured concrete for the sections where the old railroad tie was removed between the steps. The sides of the stairs were encased in wood. The lower steps from the driveway and the new retaining wall were constructed of wood. The wooden sides made the new design more cohesive across the whole staircase and also prevented erosion of the aggregate base that is under the concrete steps. The new retaining wall also has provisions for drainage.

The creative solution was a success. We were able to save our client money and avoid the downtime that a complete replacement would take.

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