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New Porch for a Modular Home

The homeowner for this project needed a new porch roof. In order to improve the slope of his roof the project manager recommended that the porch itself be lowered as well so the entire porch and roof were rebuilt. Often when replacing a porch the design seems simple enough and straightforward but for modular homes some design changes may be required! In order to meet current codes the porch roof cannot be supported by the modular home. Many porches were built before code compliance was in effect in the area. The porch and roof will need to have its own structural support consistent with the local codes unless the owner went to the lengths of obtaining a structural engineer plan to support the design being attached to the existing modular home. It is unlikely that most people will want to add the expense of that to their project. In this instance the new porch required additional posts that had to be positioned best possible between the door and windows. The material cost increased overall due to the larger posts and additional lumber required. It is best to warn the homeowner of the possible impact that satisfying codes can have on the final design and budget during the project planning phase.  

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