Tile Planning for Complicated Layouts

It can be a challenge to create a plan for large  wood look plank tile when there are multiple hallways. My clients were looking to install wood look tile throughout their first floor living area but keep carpeting in the bedroom. A problem that we encountered was that the bigger planks that they choose looked great in the large open spaces like the family room, kitchen and office but proved to be a bit challenging in the narrow hallways especially when the hallways went both directions at multiple points! There was going to need to be a compromise somewhere. No one liked the large planks in a horizontal position, it made sense to go vertical with the planks – running with the length of the hallways –  but then some of the hallways would need to either do a hard change of direction or go with the undesirable horizontal position.  There are several online visualizers for tile that will show you how a directional change will look and even support trying a diagonal layout or herringbone. This does help but for some people, including myself, nothing beats actually seeing it in person and being able to manipulate the tiles yourself! I met with my clients and we ended up using fake construction paper tiles that I cut to size of the actual planks that we would be using. They were a lot easier place quickly and move around – we also didn’t order the tile yet and only had a couple sample pieces! In the end, the clients ended up weaving in a corner to accommodate the directional change in one of the hallways and then used a very pretty matching mosaic for the front door entry hallway. The extra planning steps really helped to ensure a successful tile install that everyone was happy with. I will be posting more photos soon showing the finished floor!

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