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A Lesson in Tile Borders

Tile borders can be the icing on the cake for a project. They are meant to be noticed and stand out and for all the right reasons not because the border has issues! On this recent project the first tile border did not work out as planned. The installers did not use grout release and the grout really stuck in the pores and texture of the tile and could not be removed. The pencil tiles were also wavy and the project owners felt that they looked crooked. Seeing tiles as a single sample often doesn’t reveal issues such as uneveness which can sometimes be called “rustic” when describing tile. It can help to have several tiles available to lay out when presenting a design sample. The solution ended up requiring the removal of the old tile and installing a new border tile. The new tile choice was simpler and more elegant. We also eliminated the grout joints for the border. The end result was a much cleaner look and the clients were very happy.

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