The Story of PRIME1 Design

I have always been interested in construction and repairs. I renovated my first house when I was 19. It was a foreclosure auction property and my first investment. I fixed it up, sold it and made a nice profit! In 2005 when the subprime mortgage foreclosure crisis was just starting, I started working as a general contractor for Countrywide Home Loans. I went on to also work for Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Freddie Mac. I worked throughout the entire state of Pennsylvania repairing and remodeling the homes that the banks had to take back and resell. Over the years I have managed hundreds of renovations and completed thousands of repair orders not only for bank clients but also for homeowners, investors, real estate firms and the Pennsylvania DCNR.

With the majority of my early remodeling and renovation work completed on bank owned properties, it was frustrating that the bank clients had rules that all renovations must be neutral and beige. For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of renovating is coming up with a unique design plan for each home. I was renovating all these houses but could never really do anything creative with them. I started designing my own projects and eventually designing for homeowners and investor clients. After realizing how enjoyable it was to work for clients who also valued aesthetics, I decided to launch PRIME1 Design and make design a bigger part of my business.

Even if you are an investor reading this and thinking that design doesn’t matter for rentals or flips, consider this. There are economical ways to incorporate planning and design to enhance a property and still use materials in the same price range as the neutral and beige ones. The extra thought and style goes a long way and will set you apart from other house flippers. It is so easy to tell which homes are flips when looking through property listings. Just look for the ones with beige (or now sometimes grey) everything! The more interesting and visually pleasing home will always sell for more and faster.

My main goal for any project is to be an advocate for my clients. I take time to learn about their goals and then help them create an action plan to achieve them. I am looking forward to working with you and helping to make your vision a reality.